Almasa Francoise Alunni

@ Style Influencer & Key Opinion Leader

Almasa Francoise Alunni is a global multilingual citizen who brags a Ph.D. at the university of life.

A seasoned entrepreneur with almost 4 decades of professional experience in diverse sectors within the high-end lifestyle, innovation and media sector, she is an elite PR Consultant who connects the dots back and forth in building community through her strong experience & a sophisticated knowledge of the markets  supported by a very solid networking portfolio.

Strongly involved into women empowerment and mentoring, she defends the female solopreneur in today’s society and creates innovative concepts aligned with the new technologies & trends to change the global mindset for bringing harmony, interfaith tolerance and well-being to give back efficiently to the society through humanitarian & philantropic actions.

She loves to be a stylish thought leader & an inspirational boost of positive energy.

Her vision for the future is to position Dubai as the worldwide capital of Tolerance and to be its global ambassador.



27 years of experience as Pioneer female broker within the Mega Yachts industry (Charter and Sale) from 1984 to 2011

Seasoned Solopreneur since 1994

DIBS French sole agent to create the French Pavilion @Dubai International Boat Show (2005 to 2011) bringing up to 35 French companies to the DIBS.

Mentor @Reach mentoring since 2016

Received the Shukran Trophy award 2017 as Dubai Business Women Council contributing ambassador

Diverse volunteering within UAE labour camps.

Nominated Global Goodwill Ambassador Humanitarian for the UAE in March 2018

Sought after Keynote speaker (Women Empowerment summit, EcoX, IACAD,UAE Africa)