Christophe de Courson

@ Co-founder, CEO, Mensis Capital

Christophe de Courson is CEO & Co-founder of Mensis Capital where he focuses on identifying new opportunities, monitoring investments, and steering Mensis Capital to success in the blockchain and crypto space.
Former CEO of Olymp Capital and still Co-founder & share holder.
A highly-experienced and successful entrepreneur, Christophe is president and founder of Agentic Group Europe, one of the largest global blockchain networks in the world. Prior to this he was Co-founder and CEO of RDMobile, a mobile development company for B2B apps and games, as well as serving as CEO of OTT messaging app PeeeM, the fastest growing start-up in 2013.
Christophe is an advisor to a number of renewable energy and finance technology companies, and also served as president of Manage and Com, a green internet access provider.
Christophe regularly speaks at international events on entrepreneurship, digital and blockchain technologies, and value creation.